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Texas Medical Board proposes new telemedicine regulations

The Texas Medical Board (“TMB”) recently proposed new telemedicine regulations (the “Proposed Regulations”). Such regulations are necessary to revise current regulations of the TMB in light of Senate Bill 1107 (“SB 1107”), which recently passed the Texas Legislature. I. Prescriptions for Medications SB 1107 required that the TMB, the Texas Board of Nursing, the Texas … Continue reading

Texas telemedicine stakeholder group recommends new rules to incorporate SB 1107

The Telemedicine Stakeholder Group met in late July 2017 and offered suggestions for revisions (“Suggested Revisions”) to the current Texas Medical Board (“TMB”) rules in light of the new SB 1107. As previously covered, SB 1107 greatly expanded the telemedicine services physicians can provide in Texas, including allowing the establishment of a physician-patient relationship in … Continue reading

Texas Medical Board and Teladoc file a joint request for stay

In an effort to avoid the expense of additional discovery and to give the parties an opportunity to settle their dispute over the TMB’s new rules restricting telemedicine services in Texas, the Texas Medical Board (“TMB”) and Teladoc, Inc. (“Teladoc”) filed a joint motion in the U.S. District Court on November 2nd, 2016 requesting that … Continue reading

Texas Medical Board drops Teladoc appeal

On October 17, 2016, the Texas Medical Board (“TMB”) voluntarily dropped its 5th Circuit appeal of a lower court’s refusal to dismiss Teladoc’s case against the TMB. The appeal itself was unique in that it was not an appeal of the District Court’s final ruling, but of the refusal to grant the TMB’s motion to dismiss … Continue reading

Federal court denies Texas Medical Board motion to dismiss Teladoc lawsuit

The Teladoc lawsuit against the Texas Medical Board (the “TMB”) regarding a rule that would require physicians to meet with patients face-to-face prior to prescribing medication will continue to move forward following a federal judge’s denial of the TMB’s request to dismiss the lawsuit. Effective October 2010, the TMB amended its telemedicine regulations, restricting the definition … Continue reading