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COVID-19 Update: Over 60,000 Confirmed Cases

Earlier this week the WHO announced that COVID-19 would be the name for the disease caused by the coronavirus.  On Wednesday, China announced 14,840 new cases of the coronavirus after changing the way cases are confirmed to include where a test was negative but other methods such as symptoms and x-rays show evidence of the … Continue reading

Coronavirus Update: More Than 40,000 Cases Confirmed

As of Monday morning, the Chinese National Health Commission announced a total of 40,171 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus with 908 related deaths, surpassing the totals of the SARS epidemic of 2002.  There have now been more than 300 cases confirmed outside of China, including 12 in the United States.  On Saturday, it was announced … Continue reading

U.S. Declares Coronavirus a Public Health Emergency

As of Monday February 3, the death toll of the Coronavirus had risen to 362 and there were over 17,300 known cases around the world.  The number of coronavirus deaths in China has now exceeded the severe acute respiratory syndrome epidemic in 2003.  There have been eight confirmed cases in the United States, with Massachusetts … Continue reading

WHO Deems Coronavirus Global Health Emergency and White House Announces Task Force

On January 30, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO)  declared the coronavirus a global health emergency.  The coronavirus has now been identified in 18 countries and has infected 9,709 people. 213 people have died from the coronavirus.  Countries are beginning to evacuate citizens from China and the United Kingdom, Australia, South Korea, Singapore and New … Continue reading

Public Health Officials Try to Contain Coronavirus

Governments around the world are continuing to take steps to contain the spread of the coronavirus.  As of Monday morning, 2,744 people worldwide have become infected with the coronavirus and 80 people have died.  There have been five confirmed cases in the United States, with one case in Washington, Arizona, and Illinois, and two cases … Continue reading

Joint venture developments in chinese hospital market

Two recent joint ventures demonstrate potential opportunities for health care providers to expand into the Chinese market. The first venture involves Raffles Medical Group, a large Singapore-based health care provider, collaborating with Shanghai LuJiaZui (Group) Co, Ltd., a China real estate developer, to build a 400-bed, full-service hospital in the New Bund International Business District … Continue reading

China: new healthcare reform 2020

China recently announced a new five year road-map for reform of its healthcare sector. The National Planning Guideline for the Healthcare Service System (2015–2020) is the first comprehensive five-year blueprint targeting keys areas for development by 2020. Faced with the challenge of insufficient resources and poor quality of service in the sector, the reform of … Continue reading

Chinese government introduces new regulations to enable private investment in senior care

Earlier this year, the Chinese government introduced further regulations setting out a framework for private investment in senior care. With the 60 and over population in China expected to reach 300 million by 2025, senior care is becoming a pressing issue as demand in China increases. Investors interested in China’s senior care market can learn … Continue reading

New government incentives for private and foreign investment

The Chinese government recently announced guidelines for the easing of market access barriers in a number of industries. The medical and healthcare industry has been identified as one of these key sectors. The new regulations aim to encourage more private and foreign investment to further develop the country’s healthcare infrastructure. Starting 1 January 2015, the government will … Continue reading

China life sciences and healthcare: Removal of tariffs and foreign restrictions paves way for further opportunities

At the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Beijing in November, the US and China agreed for a trade pact to eliminate global tariffs on high-tech goods including medical equipment. This is a major breakthrough in negotiations over the update in the World Trade Organisations’ 1996 Information Technology Agreement (ITA). It is anticipated that an expanded … Continue reading

USDA approves poultry processing from four Chinese plants

On November 5, 2014, the United States Department of Agriculture’s (“USDA”) Food Safety and Inspection Service (“FSIS”) issued a constituent update approving four Chinese poultry processing plants’ ability to export cooked chicken into the United States.  The USDA also announced the names of the four plants that have been approved: Shandong Delicate Food Company, Ltd.; Qingyun Ruifeng … Continue reading

China healthcare reforms: Foreign-owned hospitals to be established in 7 cities and provinces

On August 27 2014, China announced a pilot programme allowing foreign investors to establish wholly foreign-owned hospitals in seven cities and provinces across China. This is a major breakthrough for healthcare services in China and is a particularly welcome development for foreign investors who wish to benefit from China’s booming healthcare sector. Previously, foreign investors … Continue reading

Recent developments in the Australian and Chinese dairy industries

The dairy industry is one of Australia’s leading agricultural industries with approximately 9.2 billion litres of milk produced last year, nearly half of which was exported overseas, particularly to the Asia Pacific region (largely in the form of dried/powdered or UHT treated long life products). The opportunities for dairy products into Asia are immense and it … Continue reading