On Wednesday, October 20, 2021, the White House discussed in a press conference its plan for vaccinating children aged 5 through 11. The White House stated it has worked closely with “governors, pediatricians, pharmacies, community health centers, rural health centers, and other vaccine providers” in preparation of a vaccine rollout. Of course, these plans are pending FDA and CDC authorization.

The White House highlighted four points of progress across “a few key operational fronts” related to a vaccine rollout for children:

(1) The United States has secured a vaccine supply sufficient to vaccinate every child aged 5 through 11. And as soon as it is approved by the FDA, the Administration will begin shipping millions of doses nationwide that are tailored for children’s needs.

(2) More than 25,000 pediatricians, family doctors, and other primary care providers are enrolled to administer vaccines to children. Children in underserved communities have also been accounted for and there are hundreds of community health care centers across the nation ready to begin when appropriate.

(3) The White House is working with state and local education leaders to bring vaccination clinics directly to schools, including the provision of on-site clinics.

(4) Finally, the White House is dedicated to disseminating factual information about the vaccine for parents to make informed decisions based on the right choice for each child. This includes by “empowering messengers [parent’s] trust, such as local pediatricians and family doctors.”

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