On June 19, the Health Policy Consensus Group, a coalition of conservative groups including the Heritage Foundation, the Galen Institute and the Hoover Institution, released an outline of a new proposal to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  The plan is similar to the Graham-Cassidy bill that Congress failed to enact last year.  If implemented, the proposal would:  (i) eliminate federal subsidies and state Medicaid expansion and convert federal funding into block grants for states to administer to provide financial assistance to individuals to purchase coverage; and (ii) abolish certain ACA mandates including essential health benefits that requires plans to cover certain services including mental health and prescription drugs, single risk pools, minimum loss ratio requirements for insurer profits, and the 3-to-1 age ratio that limits how much elderly enrollees pay compared to younger enrollees.   Unlike the Graham-Cassidy legislation, the proposal does not convert Medicaid funding to per-capita payments.  The Health Policy Consensus Group’s proposal is available here.