Maine Superior Court Justice Michaela Murphy heard arguments on May 24, 2018 about whether Governor Paul LePage must take steps to expand Medicaid in Maine.  In April, a group of residents and advocacy organizations filed a lawsuit against Maine’s Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) for failing to expand Medicaid following the November 2017 vote passing the Medicaid Expansion Act (the Act).  The Act required the state to submit a state plan amendment to CMS by April 3, 2018, a deadline DHHS did not meet.  Governor LePage has refused to move forward with expansion unless the legislature provides adequate funding.  The state legislature has passed legislation to expand Medicaid five times, each vetoed by the Governor.  Maine law does not permit a Governor to veto a law passed by a citizens’ initiative and the lawsuit asks the Court to require DHHS to submit the state plan amendment within three days and to order the State to expand Medicaid by July 2, 2018.  The State was forced to hire outside counsel following a decision by Attorney General Janet Mills to not defend the State in the lawsuit.  A ruling is expected quickly.