The OIG recently launched a new compliance resource portal, compiling some of its resources into one user-friendly webpage.

The Compliance Resource Portal provides a list of links to categories of “handy resources for the public that can help ensure that you are in compliance with Federal health care laws,” and may serve as a valuable resource for compliance training.

The ease of access, however, may support an expectation that healthcare providers implement robust guidance and training programs on these topics along the line of these resources, particularly now that having a compliance program is a baseline expectation in the industry.

Some of the available resources include:

  • Toolkits geared toward assessing compliance;
  • Compliance resources and training, including video and audio webcasts and podcasts, previously issued guidance, and presentation materials;
  • Advisory opinions, special alerts, and other guidance and regulations; and
  • Resources geared toward specific populations, including healthcare boards, physicians, and accountable care organizations.

Though the content isn’t new, the OIG has made these resources more accessible to healthcare providers and other interested partners through this repository.  The portal contains an invitation (and direct link) for the healthcare community to email to the OIG their suggestions of other compliance resources that would be helpful.

A “coming soon” message under the “Toolkits” link suggests that providers should anticipate that the OIG will continue adding content.  According to the site, next up is guidance on another hot topic: the “OIG Toolkit to Identify Patients at Risk of Opioid Misuse.”

To access these resources, visit

*Special thanks to Jessica Christensen for her assistance with this post.