In Jurisdictions E and F, Medicare administrative contractors (“MACs”) overpaid providers by a total of $7.2 million for outpatient drugs between July 2009 and June 2012, according to reports from the OIG. The OIG noted that providers “attributed the incorrect billings to clerical errors and to provider billing systems that could not prevent or detect the incorrect billing,” and concluded that the MACs made overpayments “because there were insufficient edits in place to prevent or detect the overpayments.” The OIG charged the current MAC for these jurisdictions – Noridian Healthcare Solutions, LLC – with recouping the overpayments.

Read the OIG’s reports: “The Medicare Contractors for Jurisdiction E Overpaid Providers for Select Outpatient Drugs” and “The Medicare Contractor for Jurisdiction F Overpaid Providers for Select Outpatient Drugs.”

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